Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Revlon Whimsical and Fingerpaints Brushstroke Blush

Hello again! The plaid didn't last long lol. The poor polish didn't stand a chance with all the cleaning i did!
The manis i'm going to show you needs a little back story: I have horrible knees. We're talking 2 dislocations of my left knee cap, and tendinitis in both all about 2 years apart; all resulting in physical therapy. I'm pretty in-tune with what's going on with them. So when i recently started having knee pain in my right knee, i had an idea what might make it feel better. It felt like the muscles in there were too tight; bending was like stretching a tight rubber band even tighter. Enter my best friend Hannah. She's a massage/occupational therapist, and agreed to give me a rub down and i did her nail in return! I feel much better; not perfect, but much better.
This is 2 coats of Revlon Whimsical over a light blue franken i made (it's a whole bottle of a Sally's mini white and dark royal blue, plus a shimmery white mineral eye shadow). The franken made Whimsical more blue; i think next time i'll try it over white and see the difference. This time i used Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Base&Top coat for my base and top coats. This picture was taken before i went to bed and got sheet marks (and i just noticed my bad clean up job! eek!).
For Hannah, I did 3 coats of Fingerpaints Brushstroke Blush; it was good formula wise, but a bit sheer (hence 3 coats). Then we stamped the butterfly from Mash-18 with Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Flirt. It stamped over the pink quite nicely. Next I placed one of the hearts from Nicole by OPI's Step 2 the Beat of my <3. On Hannah I used my INM Out the Door quick dry topcoat (since it was getting late, and she needed to dash out the door lol). It turned out very sweet and spring-like!

I think i might try my Whimsical mani matte in the near future. If i do, i'll post a pic!
See you later!


  1. Ahhh I love Whimsical! I think it would look awesome matte!

  2. Hehe I hate sheet marks as well. But Whimsical sure is a wonderful polish!