Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bad news.....

I found out on Friday that my father had died. I'm not willing to go into details here, but I will say that it was a shock. He was deeply in debt, with no money coming in and none (that we can find) set a side for funeral expenses. My focus right not is on getting all the loose ends he left me tied up. I will not be posting here until life has settled back into routine.

To leave everyone with something polish related, here are pictures of my most recent challenge manis: metallic and galaxy (finally! This galaxy wore for most of the week).

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Week 36: Tape mani

Sorry if the pics aren't as good as they usually are. These are taken with my camera phone instead of my usual camera. The phone was/is convenient (especially since i can just upload to picasa from my phone), and the quality seems ok on the phone's screen, but we'll see how they look here.

Not really a big fan of using tape for straight lines... I feel like i can do better and faster free hand. I do want to try using decorative scissors to cut the tape next time.
I used Julep Otto, Julep Delaunay (both Trina Turk colors) and Sinful Colors Rain Storm. Not really happy about the whole photoshop scandal, but Sinful makes some great basic colors with decent formulas. All of these were one careful coat!

Nail nubs again :( But the Nailtek is helping a lot!

Well, that's all for now. My "new normal" is working 6 day weeks.....While I may not find time to post, I do make time to paint my nails, sew and vent...just a bit less than before :)