Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SWAP 2013 Progress Update

So, with a bit over a month left in the SWAP (sewing with a plan, you know) I thought it would be a good time to update with what I've managed to get done.
First, how about a list of all the things i want to sew?

SWAP 2013
Red group
  • Red Sateen -Skirt
  • Black w/ polka dot knit -top
  • Red and turquoise floral knit -top
  • Black with silver skulls knit -top
Indigo group
  • Jeans (either made or purchased)
  • Blue w/ pink paisley woven -top
  • Blue, green, turquoise & tan silky -top
  • Solid turquoise knit -top
Linking Garment: Light grey fleece hoodie with an asymmetrical zip.

Ok, now onto pictures!
All 3 of the red tops done...
polka dot knit: I needed extra for the sleeves

Black w. silver skulls: ruched sleeve (though you can't see it here)

Red and turquoise floral

Along with one -almost 2!- of the Indigo tops!
Blue w/pink paisley: Really needs to be on a body to look good
Blue/green/turquoise print: Just needs sleeves (which are out of the print)
Plus I have the grey hoodie completely cut out, embroidered, and the front 2 edges bound.

So what's left to sew?
  • Red sateen skirt
  • Jeans
  • Grey hoodie
Really, not much in my opinion. I might have to add a top to each collection so that i have more pressure, lol! But i think i'll wait and see if i can finish all of this first, then start thinking about adding.

Until next time!