Saturday, August 2, 2014


So Tuesday night was interesting for me........

We were having a small party at my house, and it was warm in the back room where everyone was hanging out. So trying to be helpful, i tried to open the window. Tried being the key word here. Instead of using both hands and lifting from the bottom, i leaned with my left hand and tried to palm it open. Big mistake. I ended up breaking the window and slashing open my palm. A "quick" trip the the ER (only 2 hrs, not 4), i came home with 7 stitches and 2 spots of glue.

WARNING not so pretty hand picture coming up
Told you..... yucky.
At least it's my non-dominant hand, and i just cut thru the skin. The doc said that if it had been deeper, i would have hit muscle and that would have been hand surgery. I can still sew, just really carefully with frequent breaks.

Ok, off to spend my 3 days off healing and sewing (I have shop orders to fill!)

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The sweet hum of the sewing machine......

While i may not have sewn a stitch of my SWAP, i have been sewing. A lot of stuff for the hubby (who came back from out of state with 1/2 of his wardrobe somehow), and recently 18" doll clothes. It started with my eldest niece, who showed an interest is sewing and has 3 (!) dolls.

In fact, i have re-opened my etsy shop to sell them. Here, take a peek:

This is so far my best seller! I think the biggest problem is sourcing fabrics that look right, but are play-friendly. I do make my doll clothes machine washable, because you never know what your doll will get into!

Right now, doll clothes are keeping me busy. My hubby needs another chef coat, so that will go into the queue sooner rather than later.
Check out my shop (there's a link in one of the sidebars), follow, like, share, spread the word! I'd love for sewing to pay my bills!

Until next time!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

SWAP 2014

It's SWAP (sewing with a plan) time again and i'm joining in the fun! This year it's an "algebra SWAP"; the equation is expressed this way:

3 "3 packs" + 2 "wild cards" = 11 garments.

Each three pack will be:

2 tops + 1 bottom
1 top + 1 bottom + 1 outer layer
1 dress + 1 top + 1 bottom

The "wild card" options can be just about anything you like, but they must be "garments" not accessories (hats, bags, blankets, etc.)

I like the first option of 2 tops and 1 bottom the best, and i think my wildcards will be a vest and a dress. My pallet this year will spring from last years colors; Eggplant and Turquoise, with black and navy as neutrals. So far i know what my bottoms will be: black and navy pants, eggplant skirt (McCall's 5523 is signing my name!). I know I want tops out of turquoise and black, but not sure if I should do navy or eggplant as my 3rd top color. I guess it depends on what i make the dress out of. 

I think i'll try for "3 season" outfits; stuff i can use in fall, winter, and spring by layering. Thankfully, i dug my patterns out of storage, so i'm not limited there!

Next update should hopefully include a list of what i'm going to sew!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Butterick 5917

When i first saw this pattern i got really excited and couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I almost bought it full price that's how much i like it! This is my version, and there might be more to come!

I cut almost a straight 16; at the back shoulders I cut a 14 through armhole (mine are always smaller than what the pattern says). Instead of  using the cap sleeve, i cut the long sleeve down to a short. There is embroidery on the bottom of the sleeves, but i couldn't get a good pic of it. I added a 1/2 inch to the bottom of the front bodice (my work around a full bust adjustment). I didn't line the bodice, just turned and topstiched the ruffle in place. I also didn't sew the skirt darts all the way down; once i got everything cut i realized that it might not fit without the little extra.

Overall, this was an easy sew for me. I didn't look at the directions that much to be honest! I will consider making this again, but maybe sleeveless next time.

Until next time,

Friday, June 14, 2013

Aaannd there goes my motivation for blogging.......

As you can see, i haven't had blogging mojo for a little while. I haven't had sewing mojo either. I did finish my SWAP (but didn't win) and will put it to good use in a few weeks. I have to move, and most of my things will go into storage (including 75% of my wardrobe), so my SWAP is perfect for helping me downsize.

I'm stressed and don't sleep well. Most night's i'm up until the wee hours of the morning, and still try to get up with my little man.

Seems crazy that Orion will be 2 in a few short weeks. As much as i love him, i'm reluctant to plan a party. He wont remember it, i dont have the money for it, and my husband wont be here to celebrate with us.

Speaking of my husband, I'm going to be lost when he goes to Texas in 2 weeks looking for work.

I'm majorly missing my Dad and my Grandpa.

That's about it. I might post, but i prolly won't. Time to go back to a deadline ya know?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Oil Slick water marble

Finally a nail post after.....well way too long! I have been polishing my nails, just not posting about it.

For this marble I used Sally Hansen Black Tie and Scarab, as well as Orly Space Cadet  over a plain ol' black base (Wet and Wild Black Creme).
Take a look!

Of course, it looks better in real life....i picked some of the worst polishes to photograph. Trying out a new thumbnail shape also. I think I like it, but not sure almost looks fake (and I'm not sure how I feel about that).

Well SWAP 2013 has been submitted. Those pictures will be next on the blog.
Until next time!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SWAP 2013 Progress Update

So, with a bit over a month left in the SWAP (sewing with a plan, you know) I thought it would be a good time to update with what I've managed to get done.
First, how about a list of all the things i want to sew?

SWAP 2013
Red group
  • Red Sateen -Skirt
  • Black w/ polka dot knit -top
  • Red and turquoise floral knit -top
  • Black with silver skulls knit -top
Indigo group
  • Jeans (either made or purchased)
  • Blue w/ pink paisley woven -top
  • Blue, green, turquoise & tan silky -top
  • Solid turquoise knit -top
Linking Garment: Light grey fleece hoodie with an asymmetrical zip.

Ok, now onto pictures!
All 3 of the red tops done...
polka dot knit: I needed extra for the sleeves

Black w. silver skulls: ruched sleeve (though you can't see it here)

Red and turquoise floral

Along with one -almost 2!- of the Indigo tops!
Blue w/pink paisley: Really needs to be on a body to look good
Blue/green/turquoise print: Just needs sleeves (which are out of the print)
Plus I have the grey hoodie completely cut out, embroidered, and the front 2 edges bound.

So what's left to sew?
  • Red sateen skirt
  • Jeans
  • Grey hoodie
Really, not much in my opinion. I might have to add a top to each collection so that i have more pressure, lol! But i think i'll wait and see if i can finish all of this first, then start thinking about adding.

Until next time!