Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Week 34: "Bling" mani

Since week 33's galaxy nails chipped off before pictures (REALLY frustrating), here is week 34's bling mani.

I used one coat of Wet n'Wild Metallica and one coat of Sally Hansen's Showgirl Chic. Love how sparkly this polish is. These pictures kinda show how pretty this polish is, but you really need to see it for yourself.
Please forgive the bit of polish on the side of my ring finger...i'm still on my acetone strike lol.

Next week is "cupcake" themed, but i really don't feel like having cupcakes on my nails, let alone trying to draw a cupcake on my nails.....we'll see what i come up with.

Until next time,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Anniversary Dress

This is the latest project me and my Pfaff 7570 have churned out. In less than a week, this dress went from dream to reality, and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

I started with Vogue 1086 and 2 1/2 yards of stretch satin (it has a nicer hand than the other satins I can get my hands on for a good price). I usually don't read reviews of patterns, but I'm so glad that I did with this (otherwise this would have been a disaster). The reviews said that the neckline was low, sizing was off (too big in most cases), and that it was near impossible to alter as you sew due to french seams. After some tissue fitting I decided to cut a size 16 (even though my measurements said to cut a much for vanity huh Vogue?) for everything but the yoke, which I cut at a 14. Yokes have a history of being to big on me and this was no exception.

I skipped the french seams so that I could fit as I sewed...honestly, I really didn't need to follow the pattern's written instructions, the pictures were all I needed. I had to raise the neckline about an 1 1/2 in.-2 in, and I cut down the yokes by about an inch on the shoulder edge, 5/8-3/4in on the neck edge. However the back was still gaping and bowing funny. So I had to overlap it more...I think it was a good 1 1/2in, maybe even felt like I needed to cut the smallest yoke I could lol!

I embroidered the yokes and the front waistband before I constructed everything. I loved how rich the tan thread looked with the teal fabric. One of my friends couldn't tell that the embroidery was skulls at first! I usually cut/tear my stabilizer away when I'm done stitching the design, but I used it as interfacing to make those pieces a little more "beefy". This gives some structure to an otherwise shifty/slippery fabric. The design is skull array from Urban Threads, my favorite embroidery site!

Overall, I love this dress, and had a great time wearing it. I think I need to make a casual version of this (now that I know what needs to be changed, construction should go easier).

Now to go soak in the tub until I'm prune-fingered!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's going to be a rough couple weeks....

I started a new job on Monday. While the work isn't incredibly hard (I'm a house keeper for a sorority), it does take a toll (especially all the stairs!). Pair that with still working my other job (we'll call that "retail slave") and I am tuckered out. I don't have a entire day off until next Monday at the earliest. I know....whine, whine, whine.

Again, I did the challenge of Galaxy nails....and failed to get a picture when it was fresh. Now it's chipped off (not a huge deal because I really didn't like it), and I have to re-do the challenge. Maybe the second time will turn out better? Here's hoping.

I also have some stuff I want to show you from my sewing room, but again I haven't made time to photograph, etc.

Ugh...I've gotta figure out this new routine so I can have my me time, and keep this from getting stale.

Until I get motivated!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Week 30 & 32: Marble Madness!

It's becoming more and more obvious that the real challenge in the 52 Week Challenge is NOT the nail's the posting! It's pretty easy to do the challenge and get the pictures, but it's not as easy to edit the pictures and write about it. With me starting a second job soon, I may get even more sporadic with posting. However I am still having fun with nails....I'm just not showing you guys as promptly!

Week 30 (which I did, didn't get pictures, then skipped and re-did) was water marbling. LOVE water marbling, even if I am marbling nubs. You can get some crazy intricate designs, and every nail is different.
This is using Julep Elizabeth, Isla, and Piper. I find it best to prep the nails with one coat of the lightest color in your marble....which isn't always white (but in this case it was lol).

Week 32 was needle marbling. Now this one I hadn't done before, but I've seen some cool designs around the web. I'm ok with how mine turned out, but I think that I could have done better. Maybe I needed another color? I'm not sure, but here's the pictures. You'll have to excuse the state of the my cuticles....I had to clean my turtle tank and these pictures where taken mid cleaning (I realized that the mani was slowly chipping off because of all the water and I needed pictures ASAP!)
The base is Orly Decades of Dysfunction marbled with Grave Mistake. I really like these 2 from the Dark Shadows collection and I'm regretting not getting the other 2!

Well that's all I have for now. Today is my wedding anniversary, so maybe there will be something special on my nails for that!