Friday, September 4, 2015

I think i have a doll addiction.......

More specifically i LOVE fixing dolls that have been abused well loved, and customizing dolls to be unique. Like this little lady

And this gent (yup, I love making boys too!)

Sometimes, the finished dolls don't fit in at my house though. So some of them end up being sold (re-homed?). If you are interested in buying one, check out my ebay listings HERE! I will consider requests to customize a doll you already own. You should email me at velez[dot]lynnette[at]yahoo[dot]com. Looking for clothes for your doll? Check out my Etsy shop HERE!

Otherwise, I will post new pictures talk about doll/sewing/polish things as time permits. However, my life feels jam packed. My son is now 4 and going into pre-k, i am working 2 jobs (retail at a fabric store, and sewing for a college costume shop), as well as trying to run/promote my etsy shop, and make time for family. My. Life. Is. INSANE sometimes!

Until the next time i have a free 15 mins (and something cool to write about!)