Saturday, June 28, 2014

The sweet hum of the sewing machine......

While i may not have sewn a stitch of my SWAP, i have been sewing. A lot of stuff for the hubby (who came back from out of state with 1/2 of his wardrobe somehow), and recently 18" doll clothes. It started with my eldest niece, who showed an interest is sewing and has 3 (!) dolls.

In fact, i have re-opened my etsy shop to sell them. Here, take a peek:

This is so far my best seller! I think the biggest problem is sourcing fabrics that look right, but are play-friendly. I do make my doll clothes machine washable, because you never know what your doll will get into!

Right now, doll clothes are keeping me busy. My hubby needs another chef coat, so that will go into the queue sooner rather than later.
Check out my shop (there's a link in one of the sidebars), follow, like, share, spread the word! I'd love for sewing to pay my bills!

Until next time!