Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 17: Earth day

So when I think of Earth day, I think of trees and furry critters. However these are not so fun to try and draw/paint on your nails. Since Earth is often times called the "blue and green marble" I decided to use those colors and do water marble nails! I used four colors for this marble: OPI Stranger Tides, Julep Leah, Sally Hansen Gray by Gray (which is really a grayed out blue), and Essie Dive Bar.
 Right Thumb
Left Thumb

I didn't do a set bullseye for this marble....I just kind of winged it. One thing that I learned is that the more rings your bullseye has the better. You really have to keep putting polish in the water until it stops spreading. Otherwise your polish dries too fast on the top of the water and you don't get as much color payoff. Overall I'm pretty happy with this marble since most of the fingers turned out pretty.

Until next time!

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