Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Week 29: Rockstar mani

Late again! Seems to be my normal thing >.<

Anyway, I should have worn this to the Like a Storm/Saving Abel/Three Days Grace show I went to on the 14th. However that was such a busy weekend, there was no time for nails. However I did notice several of the lead singers had on black nail polish themselves! I must say, I think I like men rocking manly colors (like black, dark blue, gray, etc)......I brings the whole image together.

Anyway this is what I would wear as a rockstar.....well for shows. I don't think that I could wear anything 24/7/365!

This is one careful coat of Wet n'Wild black creme followed by Fergie Make Them Boys Go Loco. My left hand then got a coat of Revlon Scandalous, and another coat of Loco. My right hand got another coat of Loco, without the Scandalous. Stickers on the ring fingers and thumbs
While I liked the look of Scandalous and Loco together, I REALLY love 2 coats of Loco by itself.

You may have noticed that my nails aren't as neat or "photo ready" as they used to be. In an effort to help my nails grow and keep them out of chemicals, I am not doing the cleanup that most nail bloggers do. Keeping them out of the acetone has helped, and I'm trying Nailtek II as a base coat. I might experiment with soak off gel base and top coats, but that depends on how hard my new job is on my nails (ie: how many chemicals I'm exposed to).

Ok, now to do a water marble.

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