Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week 27: 4th of July

I actually contemplating moving this mani to another week because I was not feeling red, white, and blue again. However I decided I had to give it the "old college try". The original theory was to use different effect polishes to spice things up.....and it didn't go as well as I had hoped.

The blue and white nails started off with 2 careful coats of Wet n' Wild White Cream, then a side swipe of Sally Hansen crackle in Distressed Denim. The red nails were supposed to have an awesome magnetic effect using Nabi Magnetic in Red. These were a horrible fail this time mainly because I tried to use the Nabi magnets instead of the better Icing ones. Also it's pretty hard to get the right coat consistency to pull the design. To try and cover up the fail (so not in the mood to redo them) I did a coat of China Glaze Snowglobe.

This ended up chipping really quickly and came off earlier today. I redid them all in the blue and white design. To me this feels sorta nautical and summery, and I'm really diggin it!

Until next time!

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