Friday, March 16, 2012

Nabi Magnetic in Black Berry

After the skittles came off, I decided to try out the magnetic polishes I picked up from Walgreens. I grabbed 2 colors, Black Berry and Red (and I may be going back for the Wine the way it looks on Scrangie's blog) one with the diagonal lines magnet, the other with the chevron.

I had a TERRIBLE time with this polish. I did 2 coats, using the magnet on the second coat (I probably could have done just one, but I didn't want to rely on that for opacity and the magnetic design). It stunk to high heaven, and I think it still smelled after my topcoat dried. On top of that, i couldn't get the magnets to pull the design on my whole nail. Not sure if my nails are more curved than others, or if the polish and/or the magnets just suck. The mani turned out pretty though....

I ended up using the magnet from my Icing polish, and doing only half of my nail at a time. My proceedure went like this: Basecoat and one coat of color for all nails, then a medium coat on one half of my nail followed by the magnet, then the other half of my nail. It was a PITA. Then clean up was a bit excessive because the polish liked to run everywhere (not to mention that I had to redo several nails). Here's how bad the acetone was after clean up:
Eeek! At least it didn't stain! Thank goodness for basecoat.
Until next time!

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