Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dragon Lady and a Hubbycure

First up, Gosh Golden Dragon by itself in it's beauty.
 This is a but more yellow-toned in real life and the gold shimmer really comes alive. A great color, but yellow and yellow-green doesn't play well with my skin all the time. So after a few days I did another layer.
This is with a layer of Julep Melissa on top. This made it more blue/jade/teal-ish....much more of a "Lynnette" color. However, with so many layers of polish it quickly peeled off (hence the naked first finger!).

My hubby saw the green, and said the next mani should be blue and yellow (his team colors). Since I don't own a proper yellow, I went with gold. This is 2 coats of Professional 10 Old Hollywood, stamped with Julep Marisa.
I let my hubby pick the stamping design.....he almost always picks this design lol! You get my right hand for this pic because it has longer/nicer nails....for the moment. Since this mani was designed by my husband, I call it a Hubbycure instead of a manicure :)

As a side note, I'm going to switch challenge weeks. I really don't want to do something for St. Patty's this far out , and I'm not digging another green mani so close to the last one.

Until next time!

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