Wednesday, January 23, 2013

SWAP 2013

Remeber this post about a new wardrobe? Well now I have a reason to work on those projects and this blog again. It's called SWAP: Sewing With A Purpose! The Artisan's Square stitcher's guild forum members take part in this every year, and there are certain rules for the wardrobe you create. This year the (summarized) rules are 2 sets of 4-5 pieces and one bridging piece that works with everything for a total of 9-11 garments.

My goals for this SWAP? To make tops that are as easy and comfy as a t-shirt, but look better. There's nothing wrong with a great t, but my closet is full of no-so-great t's. I think I will tackle jeans again and might even try *gulp* a skinny leg jean (I've been resisting for so long, but i think i need to give in for the sake of wearing great boots). For my bridging piece i want to make a fleece jacket to replace the hoodies I've been wearing.

So, by April 30th (the deadline, btw) I will have hopefully made 2 bottoms, 1 fleece jacket, and 6/8 tops (depending on how busy i get!)......Here goes!

Now off to sew!

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