Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A new wardrobe for the new me

Let's face it: life is about change. Mine has been changing, but my wardrobe hasn't. I'm 25, married to a great man, and have given birth to a beautiful son. Why am I still dressing like I'm in highschool? Really, my wardrobe is the same now as it was then: jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, the occasional dress or skirt.

While it might have been ok then, now it feels like I never look put together.....I don't look like I'm an adult. Most of my clothing doesn't go together, and a lot of it doesn't fit my "mom bod" if you will. I don't need a lot of fancy clothes, nor do I need corporate casual (hello, I work retail and have that dress code down pat). I just need nice, everyday casual. There's no reason that I can't look nice even if it's just around the house.

This means sewing time! Here's a look at the colors, fabric and patterns I'm going to use.

 Red grouping
 Teal group
 Blue 1
Blue 2
The idea is to have a few cardi/jackets that work with multiple tops, have multiple tops work with a few skirts, and all the tops work with jeans. I'm not going to bother making jeans mainly because I can thrift them cheaper than I can buy the fabric most times. I do have some denim stashed that I plan to turn into shorts (hopefully 2 pairs if I cut it right!).
Not sure on which fabric goes with what patterns yet, but I do have a couple fabric pattern pairs in mind already. Now to get sewing!
(Edited to fix first picture 5/27/12)


  1. It looks like a huge lot at the mo and may overwhelm you. I would suggest that you try making one outfit to start with, then another top which works with that bottom, and build from there.

    1. It's slowly evolving....Since I have 2-3 color schemes (that kinda link themselves) I decided to pick one color group and work on that, then move on to others. I have 2 tops done, and starting to think about a jacket/cardi thing lol