Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The First of Many......

Ok, so I have the first two tops of my new wardrobe completed. They may not be perfect in every way, but I’m pretty pleased with them.

The first top I used as a wearable muslin for a pattern I originally wanted to cut out of silk (if you refer to the Original Wardrobe post, the silk piece is the white, blue and brown stripe at the top of the overall shot). I’m so glad that I decided NOT to cut the silk first. While I did a great sewing job (well, the best that I can do), I’m not happy with how it fits. I cut the right size, but it ended up feeling like a tent. So in the end, I did a bit of unorthodox fiddling to make it more….Lynnette.

Next, I cut a pattern I originally used in maternity sewing. Again, there was a lot of tweaking to the garment once it was done. It’s hard to tell on this fabric, but there are front pleats that the ties get sewn into. These had to be lengthened considerably to not only accommodate my boobs, but avoid being “maternity”. Then I took in almost 2” from the center back, and straightened up the side seams (which when I use this pattern again, I will do this before I cut). Not perfect alterations, but decent. I feel longer and leaner in this top than I usually do and that’s the ultimate goal. The only other change I might make is shortening the hem. I love a long top, but this is a bit too long (and I think it might have the maternity “dip” in the front).

What am I going to make next? I think I will tackle a pair of shorts in the bright blue solid to go with these. Or possibly a skirt of some sort. Well, after I finish the tops I have cut out for the hubby :).

Until later!

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